About Us

DotLevelTesting is partner and testing innovation enabler for its clients around the world by providing them with business-driven testing and QA transformation services, leveraging its own industry-leading testing methodologies TMap® and TPI®.

DotLevelTesting offers a wide range of software testing services to ensure the success of our clients’ projects while getting the highest level of Return on Investment. DotLevelTesting leverages proven test strategies for our customers which are built upon the highest standards of test processes.

DotLevelTesting is steeply progressing towards world leaders in Quality Assurance & Testing.

DotLevelTesting provides the following benefits to the clients

  • Total cost of testing reduced by up to 40%
  • Quality levels improved by preventing more than 98% of high-severity defects
  • Time to market decreased by at least 15%
  • Technical and business risks significantly mitigated

As the digital enterprise embraces new ways of working it must manage the security of applications and systems in depth. In this way vulnerabilities can be detected as early as possible so that security incidents do not escalate. DotLevelTesting enables digital transformation with a proven testing approach across infrastructure and applications, including enterprise and industrial systems, web, human, mobile and the Internet of Things.